Sezonas: 2019


Maps and descriptions of special stages

Maps and descriptions of special stages is possible to download from File of descriptions is prepared for printing and for saving in smartphones as well. All accessible viewpoints has predefined routes for Waze and Google Maps navigation applications. Predefined routes are accessible via QR code scanners in printed version, but in downloaded versions QR codes work as buttons, you just need to click on it. Although roads of special stages in the Waze map will be closed, and Google Maps routes are designed to not cross the special stages, please make sure the chosen route does not cross the special stage.

Sequence of rally

Historic rally cars will start 30 minutes before the start time of rally cars, but historic cars will not start in last special stage. Competitors of rally sprint will not start in last two stages. Start lists and results is possible to find at

Most important thing about security

Winter rally is very dynamic and speeds are very high. Rally cars move quickly, wide and can cut corners! They can leave the road or do what you do not expect! Be awake and take care! However, remember that rally spikes are very dangerous that why don’t put your arms in wheel arches while pushing rally cars out of diches.

EHR Rally radio

Rally radio will work during rally and will be transmitted on 93,6 FM in Gulbene region and online on Rally radio will make interviews with athletes from finishes of special stages all rally day. We suggest switch radios to manual tuning mode and switch of RDS to avoid automatic tuning to strongest EHR Radio transmitters where rally radio will not be transmitted.


Rally tickets will cost 8,00 € and will be on sale at the special stages and in rally centre. Children up to 12 years of age and people with 1st and 2nd group of disability will can enter free of charge.

Social media

You can find all news and action in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just check tags @RallySarma and hashtag #RallySarma. If you are eyewitness of some action in rally just use the same tags.

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